Investing Habits


There are many ways to kick start the investor in you. Or I should say, to get you to jump on the wagon, to start your passive income journey. I believe you might see these points somewhere before.. but well, no harm for me to pen them down, right? This could come in handy.. to remind myself too.

Invest early

One should start investing when they are young. It can be as soon as when they entered workforce. For fresh graduates, other than having to service their education debts, setting aside allowance for their parents, purchase of insurance for self, they tend to have lesser risks compared to older adults. When adults grow, they will move to different phases, such as starting families, weaker health, more debts to service, and the list goes on. On the other hand, young adults will have more time to work for their income, to regain their whatever loss, and therefore they are much more able to take risks.

Cultivate good discipline

One should not expect savings to appear instantly when they just joined the workforce, or even for those who have been working for some time. It is important to understand that in order to invest, you have to build up your capital over a period of time. And for this to work, self-discipline is important in this aspect.

Especially during pay day, when you get to see the nice salary credited to your account. The temptation is there, for you to spurge on things you’ve always wanted to get. Mind you, those are not the things that you actually need. Before you happily begin to swipe those cards, do transfer a portion for your savings.

Set attainable goals

Create goals, such as setting aside 15-20% of your salary for investments. This goes without saying, the more you set aside the faster you will be able to achieve a sum of capital. However, don’t forget to keep a balance between your investments and social life too. You want to be able to enjoy the money you’ve earned somehow, right?

These habits are not hard to cultivate, it’s just whether when will you actually get yourself started. So, what are you waiting for?


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