Starburst 25 Sep 2014

MACD poised for a crossover at 0 line
Bullish stochastic crossover yesterday
Strong overall volume
May test resistance at $0.67 if volume continues
Support at $0.59
Look to see if 20 days moving average can maintain above 50 days moving average



POSH 25 Sep 2014

Keep a lookout for possibility of trend reversal
Bullish MACD crossover under 0 line
Stochastic signal in the oversold region
However, 20 days moving average still under 50 days moving average
Support at $0.815
Near resistance at $0.93
More volume required for possibility of uptrend


SoilbuildBizReit (SV3U) 19 Sep 2014

Yield at 5.6%, low debt ratio
Last done price $0.795 is quite close to the NAV, which is $0.805

One thing to note about this counter, is that during the sell off few days back, it was not affected much. It shows some resilience.. Probably can consider it to be part of your dividend portfolio.

On a technical note…

Support is at $0.78 while resistance is at $0.815
20 days moving average looks to tick upward
Bullish MACD crossover, under 0 level.
Possibility of upward momentum


Suntec REIT 18 Sep 2014

Not many surprises to take away from FOMC..

The trend is your friend, let’s ride..

Suntec Reit 2

Suntec Reit (T82U)

Swing trading idea

Bullish Stochastic signal crossover in the oversold region (under 20%)

Support tested several times at $1.76

Lookout to see if the 20 days moving average will stay over 50 days moving average


Resistance at $1.85

Trading frame: 2 weeks – 1 month

Entry price: $1.77 – $1.78

Target price: $1.855

Upside: 4.8%