Should we be happy that it’s Weekend?

Recently, MAS put up proposals that will enhance the REITs sector in Singapore. As mentioned by our research, the proposed measures will align the interest of the REIT managers and investors, reducing costs and fees for them. It could affect large sponsors like ARA Asset Management, CapitaLand and the Mapletree group in the near term. However, research continue to prefer REITs exposed to the office and hotel segments, with CCT, Suntec and CDREIT as their top picks. In the long run, these measures are most likely to benefit the REITs overall.

I have noticed that SGX counter has dropped to near the support at about $6.91. At last done price of $6.92, we are getting 4.05% yield. For investors who are interested in accumulating this stock, lookout for the near term rebound before you take any action.

We experienced a huge selloff for yesterday’s US market session, -334.97 pts (-1.97%), with brent at the lowest since 2010. Other issues the world is currently experiencing includes the Hong Kong protest, Ebola, ISIS.. Hong Kong government cancelled talks with the pro-democracy protesters. With this ongoing protest, the Hong-Kong Shanghai stock connect will likely be delayed. HSI closed at 23,088.54 -445.99 (-1.90%)

 Seems like the bears are ripping the bulls apart..

Never the less, have a great weekend! 🙂


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