Oil & Gas / interesting plays

As the oil prices continue to be under pressure, the companies that are related to the industry will definitely be affected too. If you have been noticing, big cap such as Keppel Corp, is being dumped from mid September onward. Currently, the stock seems to be consolidating. In other words, moving sideways aka directionless. Take a look at their charts… and you will understand what I am trying to say. If you believe in big caps companies like Keppel Corp, Sembcorp Industry and Sembcorp Marine, probably you may think that it’s a good chance to invest in them for the long term. Perhaps, it can even suggest that sellers may now be exhausted. Do your own due diligence (DYODD)

Short term speaking, it seems like people still expect the oil prices to drop. There is more room to fall..

The other related stocks are:

Sembcorp Marine
Sembcorp Industry

Interesting play recently..

Nam Cheong been pretty active.. same goes for Japfa. Noble, probably because of the good results too. No surprise for StatsChipPac, being whack down hard. I wonder what’s the outcome for it. Not forgetting the heavily-traded ST Engineering, volume 3 times more than Friday’s session! Beached a dear support at $3.56. Let’s see how far will it drop.. As for Rowsley, it’s been testing the resistance at $0.225. Noticed the more than usual volume for the past 1 week. Resistance still intact.. SingTel seems to be at a resistance too.. at $3.85

One thing I noticed for this period, the REITs are still doing fine…so far.

Disclaimer: As usual, this is for sharing and educational purposes and do not represent a buy call from me, my readers.


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