Sembcorp Industry 16 January 2015

Haven’t been doing buy idea recently. Let me share with you Sembcorp Ind.

Technically, Sembcorp Ind is trading at it’s support price, $4.10
Stochastic showing oversold, but doesn’t seems like it will move up soon. MACD still not showing bullish signal..
However, it looks like a double bottom formation.
This $4.10 was tested a few times, 14 Jan 2015 16 Dec 2014, 17 Dec 2014. Before that, it was in Jan 2012.

This stock is watch list worthy as we could be bottom fishing at this period.

Sembcorp Ind

If we look at the fundamentals, company has been paying out dividend consistently for the past 5 years.
Maybe, we can be expecting at least 0.15 cents from the past payout pattern. At current price, P/E is at 9.5!

Using this $0.15, we are looking at 3.64% dividend yield based on $4.12 (16 Jan 2015)

If we use 2014’s total dividends, $0.22, we are looking at 5.33% dividend yield.

Having said that, there is no guarantee that they will pay the same amount.

Sembcorp Industries
– Utilities (Seems defensive to me)
– Marine
– Urban Development


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