SingPost scores as first logistics partner of Alibaba Merchant Delivery Scheme / BusinessTimes 19 May 2015

May 19, 201510:44 AM

SINGAPORE Post (SingPost) has emerged as the first logistics partner of the Alibaba Merchant Delivery Scheme launched on Tuesday by (the global wholesale trade arm of Alibaba Group), set up to provide members with logistics solutions and consultation services in cooperation with logistic partners in various countries.

The partnership follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Alibaba Group and SingPost in May last year to explore cooperation in the area of international e-commerce logistics.

“The growing penetration of e-commerce has made it easier for small businesses to conduct trade with buyers in overseas markets. However, logistics remains a challenge due to high costs and the complexity of moving goods across borders,” said Eric Sin, senior manager of strategic partnership and global business development of

“We are excited to introduce the ‘Alibaba Merchant Delivery Scheme’ to better serve the logistics needs of our South-east Asian members. By leveraging the strong delivery networks of our partners in the region such as SingPost, we hope to offer our small business members a cost-effective and seamless logistic solution to lower their barrier to conducting international trade.”

Full article:


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