Golden Agri 2 Nov 2015

Post below is not a buy/sell call. Main purpose is to share on the Technical Analysis. Using different indicators will allow us to find a better entry for trading or even long term investing.

Golden Agri, I still consider this watch list worthy at the moment, but still waiting for a good entry. With reference to earlier’s posting:

Moving Averages: 20dma & 50dma moving in uptrend momentum
Bollinger Band: Crossed Centre line, trending towards lower band (Wait)
Stochastic: Signals seem to be approaching oversold area (Wait)

Comments: Look to see if the counter bounces off the Lower Bollinger Band, with the bullish Stochastic signals crossover in the oversold region (Under 20%). This can generate a good entry point.

Possible Entry: $0.355
Target Price: $0.39
Upside: 9.8%

Timeframe: 2 weeks – 1 month

Golden Agri 2


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