MSCI declines to add domestic Chinese shares to global benchmark

NEW YORK: U.S. index provider MSCI Inc on Tuesday declined to add domestic Chinese stocks to one of its key benchmarks, concluding that Beijing had more work to do in liberalizing capital markets and delivering a blow to Chinese policymakers hoping to broaden the appeal of their currency.

This is the third year running that MSCI has given so-called Chinese A-shares the thumbs-down, after first floating the idea of adding them to its Emerging Markets Index in 2013. Inclusion could eventually prompt asset managers, pension funds and insurers to pour up to US$400 billion of funds into mainland China’s equity markets over the next decade, according to analysts.

More work to do..

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CapitaLand 7 June 2016 (Update)

This is an update to the 11 May 2016 buy idea post. It’s been 20 days since the buy idea made on 11 May 2016. Time frame was 2 weeks to 1 month.

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As mentioned previously, entry zone $2.96.

As of today’s closing: $3.08 (4.05% gain)
Possible 1st target: $3.10 (High possibility hit)
Next target: $3.19

Bollinger bands: Bollinger squeeze, price surge, uptrend might continue


Previous rebound on $2.96. It seems like CapitaLand can rebound fast once it dipped below $3, as seen from chart. Things to note, MA seems a little shaky, therefore short term

1. Bullish Stochastic Oversold Signals
2. Green MACD Histogram (Early Signal)

Time Frame: 2 Weeks – 1 Month
Upside: 4.72%

Entry zone: $2.96
Possible 1st target: $3.10
Next Target: $3.19

Stoploss: $2.93

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Yoma Strategic 7 June 2016

Short Term Play
Entry: $0.56
Target: $0.575 & Above (2 Weeks)
Next Target: Near $0.615 (1 Month)
Stop Loss: 2% below entry price

20dma crossing 50dma – Good, as the 3 moving averages (20,50,200) will continue the uptrend setup. Moving averages can act as support once they crossover and aligned in 20 days, follow by 50 days.

MACD signals crossover below 0 – Good
Stochastic signals overbought – Possible to see a retracement as the stock is overbought now

All in all, the stock’s reversal looks more firm now.

Note: Chart is based on time of posting.