Some stocks to note, Best World, Yoma Strategic, Jumbo 11 July 2016

Best world (5ER)

Support: $1.45
Resistance: Around $1.60
Moving Averages: Still uptrending

Comments: As Best World broke out from recent high of $1.445, rebounded from $1.45, $1.45 – $1.60 might be the new trading range. The next breakout to look forward to is $1.625 and above, with high volume.

Yoma Strategic (Z59) on Cum Dividend. 5 August 2016 Ex-Dividend

Support: $0.55
Next Support: $0.535
Resistance: $0.58
Moving Averages: Not too bad, still uptrending

Comments: Trading range can be $0.55 to $0.58. Can target higher if there is increasing volume with increasing price. Personally, I would prefer $0.55 entry with next support at $0.535.

Jumbo 42R

Support: $0.61
Resistance: $0.64 – $0.645 (Recent high)
Moving Averages: Still uptrending.

Comments: Would prefer a entry on pullback, at about $0.61. However, do note that the price is reaching the recent high, might face some resistance.


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