SingTel 30 April 2018

My previous post mentioned:

Support zone: around $3.32
Near term resistance zone: around $3.50 (Double Bottom)

So after 1 week, we see that SingTel broke the near term resistance, from the double bottom. However, I am slightly concern as the last candlestick did not close at the day’s high price.

It’s been awhile, SingTel!

20dma and 50dma still looking good as of now. Closing above 100dma is good too. Stochastic signals in the overbought region, we might see some selling.

Next near term resistance: around $3.57

Hopefully tomorrow it can close above $3.50 still! More volume go go go!


slow with updates. quick look at SingTel 24 April 2018

I have been pretty busy recently. Didn’t have time to review some stocks properly.

But anyway, seems like these days.. good news are bad news. Have we gone back to the old times…?

This SingTel, sometimes don’t know what to say. other subsidiaries not doing well. Thought this is best among the telcos in Singapore as this is much more diversified. But see la, the share price no give face.

Support zone: around $3.32
Near term resistance zone: around $3.50 (Double Bottom)

The 14DMA crossing 50DMA… good sign. Please be more assuring!

A successfully breakout will lift the sluggish price and boring stock movement. At this price, we are looking at more than 5% dividends yield. please don’t blame me for inaccurate… sgx stockfacts is not working at the moment. -_- (still gonna launch new refreshed portal??)

Anyway, earnings season now. For both Singapore and US. Let the games begin!