SGX S68 Short Term

SGX (S68)

Support: $7.45
Entry: $7.55 – $7.60
Near Term Resistance: $7.65
Target: $7.74

Time Frame: 2 weeks – 1 month

Comments: Previous times when we see such candlestick with good volume, good tendency for the stock to climb higher for the next few days. Good to target for $7.65 breakout, and take profit zone around $7.74 as it seems to be the resistance for previous times. Bullish Stochastic crossover under 20% level


Bumitama Agri (P8Z) Short Term Idea

Bumitama Agri (P8Z)

Support: $0.77
Entry: $0.785
Resistance: $0.835
2nd Resistance/2nd Target: $0.865

My Preferred Range Trade: $0.785 – $0.835
Time Frame: 2 weeks – 1 month

Comments: 2 good signals. Stochastic crossover below 20%, good signal. Possibility of MACD Histogram value above equilibrium line soon? Signal line crossover.

Short Term Trading Idea on Yangzijiang Shipbuilding BS6 9 Dec 2016

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (BS6 / Daily Chart)

*This idea is to trade on the higher possibility of advancing share price. I highly recommend clients to have stop loss when doing trading.*

Cup and Handle formation spotted. It is a bullish continuation pattern.

(Details on formation:

Comments: Stock seems to trade with support of 14 days Moving Average (Indicated by Thin Red Line). If the 14 day Moving Average crosses the 200 days Moving Average (Long Term, Thin Green Line), it will have high chance of trading at a even higher price. This is even better if coupled with higher trading volume.

Short Term Price Support: $0.86
Next Price Support $0.83

Resistance Price: About $0.93
Suggested Entry: $0.83 – $0.86

Target Profit Taking Price: $0.93 & Higher (6.70% Profit, with entry at $0.86)
Time Frame: 2 weeks – 1 month
Suggested Minimum Trade Size: 5000 shares (About $4.3K)

Risk Level: Mid
Stop Loss: Once the share price breaks below $0.83 (5.36% Loss, with exit at $0.825)

*Chart at 12pm*


AboveĀ is a short term idea I have in mind, Procurri:
Comment: Stock started to trade uptrend from August low. Approaching the resistance on IPO day, at $0.56. As it is currently still trading 14 days moving average, it seems like the momentum might continue. $0.51 pullback might provide a good entry opportunity.

Company information (SGX StockFacts):

Some stocks to note, Best World, Yoma Strategic, Jumbo 11 July 2016

Best world (5ER)

Support: $1.45
Resistance: Around $1.60
Moving Averages: Still uptrending

Comments: As Best World broke out from recent high of $1.445, rebounded from $1.45, $1.45 – $1.60 might be the new trading range. The next breakout to look forward to is $1.625 and above, with high volume.

Yoma Strategic (Z59) on Cum Dividend. 5 August 2016 Ex-Dividend

Support: $0.55
Next Support: $0.535
Resistance: $0.58
Moving Averages: Not too bad, still uptrending

Comments: Trading range can be $0.55 to $0.58. Can target higher if there is increasing volume with increasing price. Personally, I would prefer $0.55 entry with next support at $0.535.

Jumbo 42R

Support: $0.61
Resistance: $0.64 – $0.645 (Recent high)
Moving Averages: Still uptrending.

Comments: Would prefer a entry on pullback, at about $0.61. However, do note that the price is reaching the recent high, might face some resistance.

Yoma Strategic 7 June 2016

Short Term Play
Entry: $0.56
Target: $0.575 & Above (2 Weeks)
Next Target: Near $0.615 (1 Month)
Stop Loss: 2% below entry price

20dma crossing 50dma – Good, as the 3 moving averages (20,50,200) will continue the uptrend setup. Moving averages can act as support once they crossover and aligned in 20 days, follow by 50 days.

MACD signals crossover below 0 – Good
Stochastic signals overbought – Possible to see a retracement as the stock is overbought now

All in all, the stock’s reversal looks more firm now.

Note: Chart is based on time of posting.