Many REITS borrow money to finance new acquisitions. Higher interest rates would mean these REITs would have less profit to distribute to shareholders.


Keppel T&T 25 June

Keppel T&T

Counter seems to be trading sideways since the start of the year 2014. $1.805 is the price to lookout for as the counter will be testing the resistance. A moderate up trend can be seen from the moving averages. There is also a likelihood of MACD crossover from under. The stochastic signal shows a crossover. Support can be found at $1.71. Higher volume might be able to increase the possibility of the breakout.

Keppel T&T

United Envtech 24 June

United Envtech

Counter is building up momentum since mid May till this day, with increased volume for past few days. The various moving averages set to be in a up trend direction after the 20 days moving average crossover happened. MACD signal is above 0. However, do note that the stochastic signal shows overbought region. The resistance at $1.52 will be put to test in days to come. Support can be found at $1.445.

United Envtech

Nam Cheong 23 June 2014

Earlier this morning, Nam Cheong announced that it secured sale contracts for 2 accommodation work barges with a total value worth US$84 million.

On the technical side, counter has been moving up trend for more than a year, as seen from the 20 days, 50 days and 200 days moving averages. Look out for the MACD crossover in days to come while the Stochastic signals show that it is out of the oversold region. Bollinger band poised to form a squeeze and a breakout is likely happen after that. Immediate support can be found at $0.38.

Nam Cheong

CDL HTrust 20 June 2014

Counter has been trading sideways since beginning of May till this day. Stochastic indicator shows that it is out of the oversold region. Even though the counter is trading above support level at $1.69, it is important to look out for the 20 days and 50 days Moving Averages to time a better entry point. Do anticipate a breakout once the $1.76 resistance is broken.

CDL HTrust

Frasers Commercial Trust 19 June 2014

50 days and 200 days moving averages are showing uptrend. The counter might be testing the resistance at $1.37 tomorrow. Do lookout for the bullish crossover of MACD as well. There is a possibility that a breakout will be successful if there are increasing volumes for the next few days. Support can be found at $1.33.

Frasers Commercial Trust

Cogent 18 June 2014

Since the month of January, Cogent has been climbing steadily on an uptrend course as seen from the 3 different periods of Moving Averages. The resistance at $0.46 was broken recently with above average volume. Lookout for the bullish crossover in MACD. However, the D% line crossed to the upper limit of Stochastic, suggesting overbought.